Jon Weinberg PT, Dip.MDT

Mr. Jon Weinberg graduated the Physiotherapy program at the Royal London School of Physiotherapy (UEL) with Honors in 1994. He has practiced in an Outpatient Orthopedic environment since 1996. After completing the Diploma program in 2005 Jon entered the Faculty training program and has been teaching since 2008 both in Israel and the US. He is currently actively involved in research and is in full time clinical practice at Team Care Physical Therapy a Certified McKenzie Clinic.


Show Notes

Personal Background

Jon is originally from London and soon after finishing school he moved to the US first to Tennessee then to North Carolina where he’s been for the last 17 years.  He has one son.


Professional Background

Trained in England in physiotherapy school with a strong emphasis in manual therapy especially the Maitland approach.  Jon spent two years applying what he’d learned but found himself frustrated to the point where he considered getting out of the profession.  He stumbled on to the lumbar  texts (blue books) written by Robin McKenzie which interested him and soon after he attended a part A MDT course.  Jon said on that course it was like a light went on.  He pursued credentialing and then the diploma program.  Jon has collaborated under the leadership of Mark Werneke and has been involved in several published papers.


“It’s better to ask and be wrong then to not ask and be wrong.”
~ Robin McKenzie


Time When Struggled

Jon remembers while doing rotations very early in his career when the application of what he’d been taught just wasn’t effective and wasn’t making sense.


When Patient Care Improved

Things became much more clear and made good sense right from the start on that part A McKenzie course.  The simplicity of thinking mechanically has just worked for Jon.


Greatest Challenges/Obstacles

The healthcare system itself is a great challenge but Jon believes those clinicians who are using the MDT method are in a very exciting time and will be much more likely to deliver exactly what healthcare reform is needing and wanting.