Episode 214 - Colin Davies (re-airing Episode 14), part 2: STOP Treating Your Patients

Episode 214 - Colin Davies (re-airing Episode 14), part 2: STOP Treating Your Patients

In episode 214 it’s part 2 of my interview of Mr. Colin Davies, the re-airing episode 14. We talk about memorable patient experiences, effective patient education analogies, resources, studies and more. And, following, some fresh, new content from a recent conversation I had with Colin with more great Robin McKenzie stories and how he stays so interested and excited about patient care after 40+ years. This week on MCF!

Episode 212 - John Thomson, part 2: Putting Theory into Practice

In episode 212 we conclude our conversation with Mr. John Thomson of Dundee, Scotland. We continue discussing various day-to-day clinical topics including whether there are differences between patients who are covered under a national health system versus private pay, what to do when patients show a good response in the clinic but don’t show compliance with their home program, the diploma program where he teaches and more. This week on MCF!

Episode 211 - John Thomson, part 1: Square Pegs into Round Holes

In episode 211 I’m joined by Mr. John Thomson of Dundee Scotland.  We hear his professional journey and why he focused on the MDT system even though he trained in Cyriax, Maitland, Mulligan and other approaches.  He shares some lessons learned from his patients when he began to see his effectiveness improve. He also gives some technical decision-making thoughts on when to stay in the sagittal plane versus going lateral.  This and more, this week on MCF!