In short, the MCF strives to draw from those that are further along in their professional journey and are proven leaders in the field of conservative musculoskeletal care.  

We hope to deliver this content to the committed professional who wants to improve his/her care and we hope to do it in a way that is easily accessible, the world over, in today's technological age. 

Addressing the most common challenges that the musculoskeletal clinician "in the patient-care trenches" faces on a daily or weekly basis is at the core of our objectives.  We don't propose to teach mechanical assessment and treatment itself, but rather, offer a platform for information, discussion and resources regarding common patient case scenarios, relevant scientific literature, practice management issues, possible reimbursement considerations, patient motivation and human behavior change. 


Thank you for your MC forum. You have excelled at reaching, as you put it, those MDT islands around the world and given us a connectedness like never before. I thoroughly enjoy listening to the podcasts and hearing about others in the medical/sports medical world who have experienced the MDT method and have recognised the benefits of it and how it can add value to the sports world in particular.
— Shelley Mathews

What We've Achieved

  • Publishing a new episode each week since our inaugural episode, March 14, 2014
  • "New and Noteworthy" designation in the Apple iTunes podcast directory.
  • Reached listeners in over 40 countries in 6 continents worldwide.
  • Named among the "What's Hot" top podcasts of all available in iTunes in the health category.
  • Maintained a 5 star rating on iTunes. 
  • 93% of listeners rate the MCF as good, great or excellent (88% as great or excellent.)
  • Hosted numbers of expert instructors in Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy 
  • Featured world renowned leaders such as Brian Mulligan, Karim Khan, Mark Laslett and Stuart McGill.