Direct Pay Practice Blue Print

Dir Pay BP 16-9.png

Imagine your own practice where patients pay you what you’re worth…

You’re seeing a high volume of patients to meet your quota.

You’re bringing work home, most likely documentation, and not being paid for it.

Maybe you’re being asked to bill more than you’re really doing, or

You’re being asked to perform a procedure or deliver a service that you know your patient doesn’t really need.

Whatever your struggle or frustration is, you may feel like a direct pay (or cash) practice is out of reach or just too good to be true. After all, you’ve never started or owned a business and you don’t live uptown in an affluent suburb. And besides, you’ve got bills to pay and perhaps a family to take care of and going out on your own just seems too risky - and doesn’t it take thousands and thousands of dollars to open a clinic anyway?

Introducing the Direct Pay Practice Blue Print!


I’ve been collaborating with multiple other MDT trained physical therapists since November 2017 and we’ve been comparing notes and sharing what works and what doesn’t. We’ve identified effective resources which have saved us a lot of headaches and recognized major mistakes which have resulted in us wasting significant time and money. And, we’ve established our own immediate and long term goals to help keep us accountable and ultimately succeed.

As of September 2019 we’ve begun bringing in experts on all aspects of running a successful business and building a strong template with which others… maybe even YOU, who have an interest in creating a better environment for your patients, to have your own direct pay practice!

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Be Your Own Boss…

Deliver the best care and be rewarded for doing it! And, have the support you need to reduce the risk and ensure your success by being surrounded by other like-minded clinicians who’ve already done it!!

Isn’t it about time you set your own rates instead of just having someone else tell you what your worth?… especially since you’ve steadily been working your butt off to improve your skills and effectiveness. Wouldn’t it be nice to create your own schedule? Imagine documenting what’s most important to provide the best care for your patients but not having to jump through hoops just to get paid 30 or 60 days later and still have claims denied by insurance companies. Think about building something you’re proud of. And how about earning a good income in a lot fewer hours per week?


Provide Best Care

Nothing More and Nothing Less

We think so too, which is why I’ve invited multiple therapists over the last year to help me understand how they’ve done it.

We’ve tackled:

  • attorney needs

  • business attorney services

  • how to assess your market before you start

  • selecting an optimal clinic location

  • professional liability insurance

  • physical equipment needs

  • creating your name, logo and branding

  • when to go strictly direct patient pay versus a hybrid practice (accepting medicare and some insurances)

  • if you decide to bill to third party payers, how best to do so

  • scheduling processes

  • documentation processes

  • email list building

  • selling and engaging through website, social media, face-to-face networking

  • outcomes collection and data use

  • productivity metrics to monitor

  • and on and on…

So if you’ve thought about it for some time but you just need a bit of support and direction - check out the Direct Pay Practice Blue Print and make this year the year you begin!