McKenzie Method

Episode 269 - Kristi Maguire, part 1: Making Sense of Things

In episode 269 I’m joined in part one by Ms. Kristi Maguire. She’s a diplomat in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy, an instructor for the McKenzie Institute USA and a practicing therapist and mentor for Integrated Musculoskeletal Care.  She shares her story, some of her thoughts on pursuing mechanical assessment training and more.  This week on MCF!

Episode 264 - Dr Mark Laslett, part 2: A Conscious Humility

In episode 264 I'm re-airing part two of my interview with Dr. Mark Laslett of Christ Church New Zealand. He shares more on his career, a memorable patient experience, a helpful education analogy, a must-have resource, impactful studies and more. This week on MCF!

Episode 263 - Dr Mark Laslett, part 1: A Truth Within

Episode 263 - Dr Mark Laslett, part 1:  A Truth Within

In episode 263 I’m re-airing my conversation with Dr. Mark Laslett from January 2015. He shares his professional background and the influence multiple manual therapy and orthopedic icons have had on his career. He gives accounts of times when he struggled with patient care and the keys to success. This week on MCF!