Jon Weinberg PT, Dip.MDT

Mr. Jon Weinberg graduated the Physiotherapy program at the Royal London School of Physiotherapy (UEL) with Honors in 1994. He has practiced in an Outpatient Orthopedic environment since 1996. After completing the Diploma program in 2005 Jon entered the Faculty training program and has been teaching since 2008 both in Israel and the US. He is currently actively involved in research and is in full time clinical practice at Team Care Physical Therapy a Certified McKenzie Clinic.

Show Notes

Greatest Challenge

The willingness to take the step to go from being the practitioners to scientists. Measuring how effective we are is a critical step to improve our position and expect a better position in the market.  Jon views this as a matter of survival.  He explains first hand experience of how being more effective and efficient made it difficult to survive at the rate he was receiving at that time. He also elaborates on his experience in working with payers.

Jon gives key elements that he’d include in creating quality outcome measuring.

Memorable Patient Story

Jon recounts the experience with a patient who had 18 months of pain and initially responded well but her response changed and led to an outcome that Jon hasn’t forgotten about since.

Patient Analogy

Jon tries to make examples that fit the patient. Whether it’s an engineer and he gives an analogy of a bolt and washer and nut or using a burger moving between two buns or squeezing a balloon of toothpaste.

Best Advice

“Go out there and follow the evidence” which he learned from Mark Werneke.

Doing Differently

He says he’s gotten much smaller in what he needs.   Simplifying – he keeps it as simple as possible.


The McKenzie website and it’s resource page and colleagues within the institute are two more beneficial resources to Jon.

Important Studies

Donelson R, Aprill C, Medcalf R, Grant W.;   A prospective study of centralization of lumbar and referred pain. A predictor of symptomatic discs and anular competence. Spine; May 15;22(10):1115-22, 1997

Find it here.

Deutscher D, Werneke MW, Gottlieb D, Fritz JM, Resnik L.;  Physical Therapists’ Level of McKenzie Education, Functional Outcomes, and Utilization in Patients With Low Back Pain. JOSPT2014 Oct 29:1-40.

Find it here.

Personal Characteristic Contributing to Success

Enjoying what he does plays a large role in him being successful. Another is the ability to remove the unimportant information and get to the important.

Promoting Himself

Jon wishes to encourage all the listeners to begin collecting outcomes and invites anyone interested in learning more to contact him at jweinberg@nc.rr.com or (myself) Jason Ward.

To contact Jon you can reach him by email at jweinberg@nc.rr.com