Episode 83 - Uffe Lindstrøm, part 2: Let A Little Water Run

Uffe Lindstrøm PT, Dip MDT


Show Notes


Uffe recalls a time when one of the biggest insurers in Denmark called him and told him that they were going to terminate their contract with his company. He learned from that to be patient and good things will come.  He reminds us that patience alone doesn't do it but that often we need to work a little bit harder and be persistent.


Greatest Challenge

Uffe believes that there is still so much misunderstanding of MDT that it is treatment or extension but he reminds us all that it is first and foremost assessment not treatment.


Patient Education Analogy

Uffe revisits an important message that he used to use for his patients about posture correction and slouching.  He relates to his patients when it comes to posture correction being realistic with them explaining that he understands that they will slouch but correcting their posture and doing their exercise is like making deposits in a bank account


Best Advice Received

Mr. Lindstrøm believes that a few different messages have been most important to him including the advice to “let a little more water under the bridge” or to be patient as well as the advice to get good people around you who are talented



One resource more than anything that has helped Uffe is time set-aside to think about what has been happening or what is coming up.  He hasn’t ever studied meditation per se but the benefits of focusing on what is important and strategizing has been a great resource for him.  


Influential Study

Centralization phenomenon. Its usefulness in evaluating and treating referred pain.  Donelson R et. al. Spine (Phila Pa 1976). 1990 Mar;15(3):211-3.


Personal Habit that Contributes to Success

What he does, the people he surrounds himself with, and timing all are important pieces that he sees that have contributed to his success.