Episode 82 - Uffe Lindstrøm, part 1 - Onward & Upward

Uffe Lindstrøm PT, Dip MDT


Mr. Lindstrøm gained his degree in Physiotherapy in 1984.  He then attained his Diploma in Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy with The McKenzie Institute International in Wellington, New Zealand in 1994.  Mr Lindstrøm has over 30 years of experience building extensive relationships in Healthcare.  He has successfully built and sold several Healthcare companies including Healthcare Danmark, FysioFitness and private Physiotheraphy Clinics.  He currently holds a position as Divisional CEO at Falck Healthcare, a Danish based healthcare provider. Mr Lindstrøm was appointed to the Board of Trustees of the McKenzie Institute in 2009 and has been the Chairman since 2013.



Show Notes



Personal Background

Mr. Uffe Lindstrom is Danish, born and raised in northern Denmark but has also had opportunities to live in a number of other places which taught him a lot. He and his wife have two children living in a farm setting and they enjoy the outdoors.


Professional Background

Uffe was trained in physiotherapy in 1984 and worked in clinical setting then moved into a private practice and eventually bought that practice in about 1989 which happened to be the same year that the first McKenzie course was taught in Denmark. 

Uffe remembers that the MDT approach relieved a lot of the difficulties he was experiencing when trying to "feel" movement disorders through the original manual approaches he was trained in prior.

He committed to the diploma program in 1994 and worked near Robin McKenzie and he was able to observe him treat patients.

After he returned to Denmark and worked in private practice in about 2003-4 he began a side business of employing and placing clinicians into corporations and soon after beginning that it really started to grow. 

He views research as important but also very important is the demonstration from a economic standpoint and the ability to create a happier employee that misses less work through better care.

In 2011-12 he was approached by and a large Danish company, FALCK, who bought his company.  Now he works as a divisional CEO that builds and runs family doctor clinics. 

Mr. Lindstrom began the Danish branch of the McKenzie Institute in the 1990's and he was asked to consider chairing the Board of Trustees which he accepted and for which he's been doing for the last 3 years.

His efforts now within the Board of Trustees that he is working on is to growing this McKenzie family business into a larger impact and achieve the vision of making this assessment approach available to as many as possible.  The system itself is not what needs changing but rather the systems in place to help the institute be effective on a larger scale are where many efforts are being placed now.



"Let a little more water run under the bridge"

Uffe feels that sometimes, it's important to understand that we have to have patience and that it simply takes time to achieve success and as one persists and if one has a good enough product, in time it will pay off and it will happen.


"Onward and Upward"
           ~ Vert Mooney

To Uffe, this is a similar message about persisting and continuing to work hard to achieve the goal that has been set.


A Memorable Patient Experience

Mr. Lindstrom doesn't have one patient in mind but a common scenario that presents with patients during the assessment and he feels that listening and addressing "the one thing" that is most bothersome to the patient is so important and yields better success in solving their problem.  He elaborates that the same focus is relevant for a company.