Episode 24 - Ezekiel Gherscovici, part 1: Lessons Learned from Family and Time with Brian Mulligan

Ezequiel Gherscovici PT, Dip. MDT

Physical Therapist
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Show Notes

Personal Information:

Eze is married and together they are currently expecting their first child, a daughter.  He was raised in Buenos Aires and he was greatly influenced by his grandfather.  He remembers being encouraged always to continue to learn and to follow his dreams.  He has trained in martial arts most of his life even becoming a national champion three consecutive years.  His involvement in martial arts impacted his decision to pursue physical therapy.

Professional history:

Eze ended up pursuing Physical Therapy in Buenos Aires after initially anticipating going into orthopedics through medicine.  He had special interest in prevention due to his involvement in martial arts and got involved in teaching and learning as much as he could from orthopedic surgeons.  That led to his observation that PT’s were essentially not involved in research as far as he could identify.  He was influenced by many well-known innovators in manual therapy and studied many of them.  He received one particular invitation from Brian Mulligan to come and study under him.  He learned about the importance of professional commitment with his patients as he consulted patients he left in Argentina while he went to New Zealand to study.  

He was particularly impressed by the effectiveness and rapid nature of symptom and function improvements by Brian Mulligan using his techniques.  His question remained as to the apparent gap of how he should identify which patients would respond rapidly and which wouldn’t.  Upon him leaving Mulligan he remembers Brian encouraged him to take courses with Robin McKenzie and giving him a copy of Treat Your Own Back.

Currently he is pursuing a Masters in public health at USC, seeing patients through video consultation and advising some of his students of MDT by reviewing cases.


A meaningful quote to Ezequiel came from Robin McKenzie upon meeting him at the home office in New Zealand where he said, 

“Keep it simple.” 

Eze believes that the ability to keep it simple comes by being clear and that only comes through a deep understanding of the subject.  Only then does simplicity become easy.