Episode 23 - Ron Bybee, part 2: Lessons from a Guy from Down-under Moving People the Wrong Way

Dr. Ron Bybee DPT, OCS, Dip MDT

Physical Therapist/Author
Las Cruces, New Mexico


Show Notes


 Simply put, it works – Ron says that it’s important that we become active and assertive to “get the word out.”

His Memorable Story:

Ron gives the account of a man who was told he needed surgery for a disc herniation in his neck.  He persisted with very slow progress treating it for a few weeks and surgery was canceled and over additional weeks he fully recovered.

His Patient Analogy:

He uses many of the well-known analogies including the bent-finger, cake of soap and filled donut.  One thing he does do is use a white board and make sketches to explain what he’s doing and why to further persuade the patient to improve the likelihood of a successful outcome.  

Best Advice:

From a colleague, speaking of Robin McKenzie, he was told, “You ought to come and hear this guy from down-under who’s moving people the wrong way.”

Resources He Wouldn’t Do Without:

The various journals and simply staying up on the scientific research are his most valued resource.

Impactful Research Studies:

Any study looking at Centralization would be recommended reading by Ron.

Two specific studies

   Association between centralization and directional preference and functional and pain outcomes in patients with neck pain.

Found here or here


   Rapid resolution of chronic shoulder pain classified as derangement using the McKenzie method: a case series.

Found here and here

Personal Habit:

Staying with it and persisting. It’s not always easy but because of its importance it’s worth it.

Promoting Ron:

Ron invites all of us to get a copy and read Against the Tide, Robin McKenzie’s autobiography.  

Buy your copy from my affiliate link here

To reach Ron you can email him at rrbybee@q.com