Episode 86 - Sinikka Kilpikoski, part 1: 40 Years and I'm Still Here

Sinikka Kilpikoski PT, PhD, Dip MDT

   Dr. Sinikka Kilpikoski graduated as a Physiotherapist in 1969 in the City of Tampere, Finland.  She first specialized in Physiotherapy in Public Health and Geriatrics in 1986 in the Applied University of Jyväskylä graduating with a Masters of Health Sciences in 1994.  In 1988 she began studies in New Zealand obtaining the designation of credential and then diploma.  She began instructing MDT courses in Finland in 1995 and is senior and international instructor for the McKenzie institute.  She has been in private practice for nearly 40 years.  She is a published author and has intention to produce further studies.  

Show Notes

Personal Background

Sinikka shares a bit about her family including her 6 1/2 grandchildren. She lives in Jyväskylä, Finland.  And although she mostly works, she enjoys some outdoor activities and time with her family.


Professional Journey

She began, graduating from physiotherapy school in 1969. She opened a small private practice after some resistance from the local government.  She owns and leads the only certified McKenzie clinic in Finland.  She shares her experience of discovering a new assessment approach that made sense to her and that was something she wanted to study further. She attended a Part A course under Robin McKenzie in Finland in 1988.  Sinikka shares some of her training and her instructors and what she appreciated from the MDT approach. 

Dr. Kilpikoski elaborates on the comparison of common manual therapy approach and the McKenzie method.  

Sinikka shares the story of what led up to the 2002 reliability paper she authored and what she learned from that research and from conducting that study.



“The patient has the truth.”
    - James Cyriax
“Everything I have learned, I've learned from my patients.”
    - Robin McKenzie