Episode 85 - Tom Petersen: From Trade Union Floor to Scientific Stage

Tom Petersen PT, PhD

Dr Tom Petersen completed his physiotherapy degree in 1982 in Copenhagen, Denmark. He practiced as a clinician for ten years and then shifted his efforts into research obtaining his PhD in Physiotherapy from the University of Lund, Sweden.

He currently is a senior researcher at Back Center Copenhagen in Copenhagen, Denmark. He has published widely on musculoskeletal disorders, mainly within the field of low back pain in international journals and has also presented his work at many international events and lectures at university level.


Show Notes



Dr. Petersen shares his first interest in physiotherapy and low back pain and early on he learned of the lack of specificity of understanding and care available.  He’s explains what he has hoped to contribute to this problem throughout his career.



Keys to Reliable and Valid Assessment

Tom gives some findings he and colleagues have found to identify the correct diagnosis.  He also shares many aspects of management of a typical patient at Back Center Copenhagen.  He also relates his current knowledge to what he believes could have prevented a lot of the issues he first observed that sparked his interest in this field to begin with.  


Future Works

Dr. Petersen gives some hints on other topics he’s been working on and anticipates publishing at some point in the future.  Areas include comparative effectiveness work including acupuncture and some work specific on the shoulder and the knee as well.