Episode 174 - Ron Donelson: A Team-Based Approach


In episode 174 I can include my conversation with Dr. Ron Donelson, author of "Rapidly Reversible Low Back Pain." We continue our discussion of his book and he shares what he's been working on more recently in the way of educating primary care physicians to improve spine care. This week on MCF!

Show Notes


Here we are! Sorry for the delay on it Jason - I double checked some of the links, and initially I had some difficulties with the NASS ones. I've "fixed" them now, I believe at least.


Dr. Donelson talks about his relative success with introducing the concept of a mechanical assessment as a first-line defense against musculoskeletal pain. He speaks of his personal continuing education that he provides for other physicians, and the North American Spine Society's upcoming conference.


Dr. Donelson is a strong proponent for patient self-advocacy and recommends improving diagnostic abilities to reduce the application of treatment to non-specific conditions. In order to improve these aspects of episodes of care, he has synthesized relevant information to mechanical assessment and care, and he has presented his concepts in the forms of live courses and webinars to physicians. You can explore some of his education here or here.


The upcoming conference in Orlando, sponsored by NASS, can be explored further here. Specifically, Dr. Donelson recommends the symposia that will highlight the benefits of mechanical assessment and treatment for musculoskeletal care. A precise mechanical diagnosis is a significant consideration that he advocates, and these concepts will be further discussed at the conference by Dr. Todd Wetzel.


Finally, Dr. Donelson talks about his interaction with Integrated Mechanical Care. Additionally, you can learn more information about IMC here, in my interview with Chad Gray.