Case #60 - Bob Robinson

Case 60 cover.png
Case 60 cover.png

Case #60 - Bob Robinson


In case #60 I'm joined by Mr. Bob Robinson of New Bern, North Carolina USA. He's a diplomat in MDT and a fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists. He shares a patient who one of his staff was seeing and after 3 visits making little to no progress. Bob offers a number of useful suggestions and advise related to history-taking, physical exam and treatment. Issues such as exhausting the sagittal plane, getting to end range, proper education and many more are addressed. (1hr 5min 59sec)

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Among many other take-home messages you’ll hear from Bob deeper discussion into:

  • How to stay with the process when answers aren’t found in the sagittal plane

  • the art of stacking questions, as Bob explains, and how experience and improving skills of interviewing helps us get answers from our patients

  • considerations when patients mention they have been diagnosed with ostepenia or osteoporosis

  • how we can interpret when the patient reports their pain has been on the opposite side in past episodes

  • other tests which might identify neural tension beside the supine straight leg raise

  • a cue that may mean you’d be wise to have the patient come in for a follow-up visit at a specific time of day

  • thoughts and recent updates on the value of deep tendon reflexes

  • specific considerations related to the rotation in flexion procedure,

  • and much more!