Episode 79 - Chris Chase, part 2: Do What You Love

Chris Chase MPT, FAAOMPT, Dip MDT

Mr Chris Chase is a 1999 graduate of Saint Louis University. Chris began working directly after graduation in private practice at a Certified McKenzie Clinic and took his first MDT course four months later. He became MDT Certified in 2003, obtained his MDT Diploma in 2009 and finished his Fellowship in Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy in 2012. For six years Chris led a study group in MDT in St. Louis MO, and has led the Austin, Texas area MDT study group since he moved to Texas in 2009. As an employee at St. David’s Rehabilitation, Spine and Sports Therapy clinic, Chris practices full time in addition to being an Assistant Diploma Educator at the MDT Austin Diploma Training site.

Show Notes


Elements Needed to Complete Patients’ Care

His question is, “Are they fully reduced” and sometimes even more importantly is to go the other direction and, assuming the patient has a derangement, see if they are still provocative.  Other things to consider include; have they properly corrected posture, are they getting to end range through their home exercises, is it okay to allow the patient return to some of their function and recreation.


What non-MDT Treatment Used

Even when Chris deviates from specific procedures or movements outlined within the MDT system he still approaches everything within the mindset of MDT assessment.  Having said that Chris uses strengthening and specifically some neck flexion strengthening in mid-range per Gwendolyn Jull.  He learned from Ron Schenk stabilization but he observed Ron do so within the assessment principles of MDT.  Another example is a recent strain or sprain using the RICE trauma management principles.


Best Advice

“Love What You Do”, as he was told by his mentor, Dan Kelley.  


Doing Differently Now

Chris recognizes now that there was a time where he got a bit too comfortable not using his hands when he probably should have placed his hands on patients sooner.  He also sees his skills educating his patients



The original blue McKenzie textbooks are the obvious resource for Chris.  He also appreciates the journals from the APTA and more recently he would recommend Chad Cook’s text on orthopedic physical examination tests.



The paper that has most influenced Chris is Audrey Long’s 2004 studyMark Werneke's studies on centralization and Richard Rosedale studies on the knee have also influenced Chris. 


Parting Piece of Advice

A quote comes to mind for Chris' advice, "Do you want to be a therapist with 20 years of experience or do you want to be a therapist with 1 year of experience 20 times."  To him it's important to consistently challenge yourself to stay up on things.