Episode 72 - Todd Edelson, part 1: Letting the Consumer Decide Where the Value Lies

Todd Edelson PT, DPT, Dip. MDT


Dr. Todd Edelson of Montclair NJ USA, completed a bachelors of Science at the University of Pennsylvania in 1981 and a masters in immunology in 1987.  He certified in 1991 with the McKenzie Institute and achieved his Diploma in 1994. He was an instructor for the McKenzie Institute including instructing the diploma program at the New Jersey location from 2003-2011. He’s the owner and clinician of two direct-pay certified McKenzie clinics - one in Cedar Grove, NJ and the other in Manhattan, NY.  He’s a life-long athlete participating in competitive olympic weightlifting, and now enjoys hiking and backpacking with his wife Maureen and two sons Ian and Ken.


Show Notes


Personal Background

Married to Maureen and father of two sons Ken and Ian.  He’s been able to include his family on his professional journey where they’ve been with him to New Zealand while he went through the diploma program and they’ve met many diploma students and faculty members.  He enjoys backpacking and he’s involved with teaching boy scouts.


Professional Background

Todd’s training has included a BA at Ohio Wesleyan, a BS in physical therapy at the University of Pennsylvania.  He began working at a small hospital as a therapist.  Three years into working Todd went back to school in a master’s program for immunology and molecular biology.  He then went on to do the diploma program in 1994.  In 2005 he completed a DPT degree as well.  

He ran two rehab facilities beginning in 1981 to 1998.  He went in to private practice and now owns two certified clinics.  In 1999 he began working with the McKenzie Institute teaching the diploma program from 2003-2011.



If a patient asks if they should have surgery Todd uses,

“You can’t un-ring a bell”


For those who’ve had a long course of treatment looking for answers and solutions and they’re upset when the answer is found through a simple posture and movement program, Todd will tell them,

“The wise person never trips on what’s behind them.”


Memorable Patient Experience

A 45 year old contractor who had jumped over a fence catching his arm on the fence.  He’d seen a surgeon who told him he’d have to have surgery.  He was advised that he’d need surgery although he’d have some therapy at another clinic. Finally he saw Todd.  Todd was impressed that the outcome doesn’t always correlate with image findings.


Greatest Challenge

Todd believes our greatest challenge is letting an outside force dictate the value of our service. He proposes three things we need to do:

We’ve got to develop our skills and become an expert. 

We’ve got to provide excellent  care with excellent outcomes 

We’ve got to educate our patients and the community, emphasizing empowerment and independence. 


Our Greatest Strength

A valid assessment and treatment approach is what Todd sees is our greatest strength.  A system that allows for a rapid recovery and especially one that has the ability to prevent future episodes.


Struggles and Frustrations and Solutions

Todd clearly remembers those early days.  He wondered if his patients were getting better because of him or in spite of him.  His training in the hard sciences and the scientific method was at the root of his thinking and so he thought that he would take any and every course that came to his area.  He found no course that really impacted his patient’s outcomes.  He was left to believe he should change his career path and so he applied to medical school.  Considering the length of time and the effort that medical school would require, he decided to take one more course which was a McKenzie lumbar course.  To him, that was the solution he was looking for.