Episode 69 - Yvonne Body, part 2: MDT Tips for Better Care

Yvonne Body PT, Dip MDT


Show Notes

Patient Analogy

Yvonne uses the analogy of a rock in the shoe and explains how the importance should be to clear that obstruction (the rock) and that the topical agents and medication aren’t the best options because they don’t address the root cause.  She finds this helps with patient understanding.

Mis-Performed Techniques

Yvonne believes the “classic” procedures are most often done improperly.  Cervical retraction and lumbar extension in lying.  She elaborates that therapists rush through retraction wanting to get into full extension but she reminds us that full retraction is necessary first to ensure full extension is able to be achieved.  She also gives the advice that the glutes need to be relaxed during extension in lying to be done correctly.


Underutilized Techniques

For the cervical spine, Yvonne believes that sustained retraction in prone and unilateral extension mobilization with patient prone, for the lumbar spine are both procedures often overlooked and underutilized reductive techniques not to be forgotten.


Keys to Progressing Patients Later 

Force progression is critical later in the episode of care and further postural education is often needed to maximize the recovery.  Yvonne mentions to realize that not everyone will recover 100% and that often recovery of function or getting the patient “back to life” has to become more the focus to complete recovery.


Best Advice 

Ms. Body revisits the idea of mastery versus “success” and encourages others to not sell themselves short and not to follow fad treatments.  She elaborates that we shouldn’t dabble but follow one path to master it.


Doing Differently Now

Yvonne says she’s nicer now.  She listens longer and she let’s them discover what they should do with guidance.  She takes a step back and she’s not so dogmatic or condemning when the patient hasn’t complied to the exact degree.



First Yvonne thinks of her co-faculty members as the best resource.  In terms of patient care day in and day out she uses the photo and video capabilities of smart phones to help her patients remember the home exercises and educational principles.  


Impactful Clinical Resources

Yvonne views the Donelson, Medcalf and Aprill study in 1997 and the Long 2004 study as impactful as has been mentioned on prior episodes.

She also believes these are important studies too:

The ligaments and annulus fibrosus of human adult cervical intervertebral discs.
Mercer S, Bogduk, N  Spine. 1999 Apr 1;24(7):619-26; discussion 627-8

Efficacy of exercise intervention as determined by the McKenzie System of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy for knee osteoarthritis: a randomized controlled trial.
Rosedale R et al. JOSPT 2014 Mar;44(3):173-81


Personal Habit Contributing to Success

To Yvonne she sees her natural inquisitive nature as contributory to her success.     


Yvonne’s Parting Piece of Advice

She believes picking the brains of colleagues is important and what she would like to encourage all of us to do similarly, who are committed to improving our clinical abilities.


You can reach out to Yvonne at ybandthelu@hotmail.com