Episode 66 - Asha Menon, part 1: Practicing with a Clear Conscience

Asha Menon Dip MDT, Bsc PT


Dr. Asha Menon (PT) graduated in Physiotherapy from Seth G. S. Medical College and the KEM Hospital, Mumbai, India, in Nov 1988. She has been updating her clinical skills by attending various international credited courses. She undertook her first training in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT) or “The McKenzie Concept” in 2003, from The McKenzie Institute International, a premier medical institute in New Zealand focusing on education and research in musculoskeletal disorders of the spine and extremities.  By 2012 she completed the Diploma in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy from Otago University and The McKenzie Institute International. In 2012 she completed her clinical training at the NHS in Scotland, as part of her Post Graduation Diploma Progamme. In 2013 she has been the first Indian to be accepted as Probationary Faculty for The McKenzie Institute International, New Zealand.   She is also a Co-Examiner at the International Credentialling Examinations held in India for Indian Physiotherapists. 


Show Notes


Personal Background

Asha’s most influential person in her life is her mother who taught her to pursue her dreams and to be successful. When she needs a break she goes for a walk and after she’s refreshed.


Professional Background

Asha passed physiotherapy school in 1988 in Mumbai, India. Asha stayed true to emphasizing exercise and remaining active rather than the popular trends of passive modalities.  She was quickly changed and greatly impacted by the first MDT course she ever took.  She has had a private practice since 1990. She owns 'Back Neck and Joints', a 'Certified McKenzie Clinic' and in 2014, she has been responsible to start the certified McKenzie clinic at Bharatiya Arogya Nidhi Hospital, a tertiary care hospital in Mumbai. She had been the Official Representative for India, for 'The McKenzie Institute International', and has been responsible for establishing the Indian McKenzie Institute, the 28th Worldwide McKenzie Institute. She is presently the Executive Director of McKenzie Institute India.  She organizes MDT courses and teaches there to physios from all over the country.


“At the end of the day we should be able to see ourself in the mirror.”

She’s referring to having a clear conscience by doing the best for her patients.

She also says the quote to her patients, 

“Do your exercises because you don’t want pain.”


Frustrations and Struggles

The prevalence of passive modalities and her uncertainty in using her hands in manual care have been the greatest struggles for her.  


Reasons Why Her Care Improved

She attributes her improvement to the clarity in the system due to it’s structure and because her patients could sense her improved confidence which increased their trust in her.


Memorable Patient Story

A woman with an 8 year history of back and leg pain and who was admitted to the hospital and whose husband brought her out of the hospital against medical advice.  The patient’s response and her husbands look on his face upon her reaction will be something that Asha never forgets.