Dana Greene PT, Dip MDT

Dana graduated from State University of New York at Buffalo in 1986 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Therapy. In 1990, he successfully completed the Diploma Program in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy at the McKenzie Institute International in New Zealand. He was appointed to the teaching faculty of The McKenzie Institute, USA in 1992. Since returning from New Zealand, he has limited his practice to the evaluation and treatment of mechanical spine disorders. Dana co-owns and practices at Summit Physical Therapy in Syracuse, NY

Show Notes

Greatest Challenges and Strengths

To Dana, we need big thinkers. Too often, effective physical therapy is when you’ve fully exhausted their insurance benefit. You’ve gotten every dollar out of that patient you can get – that was a good case. A relationship with the APTA and a fellowship centered on MDT is a move in the right direction. Dana is not impressed with our profession as a whole when he hears of patients who’ve been through 30 or 40 visits or more.

Memorable Patient Story

Dana tells the story of Carl, a draftsman, anticipating cervical fusion within a couple of weeks. Dana expected a poor outcome based on the patients perception of being unable to comply with the given advice. The results taught Dana a lesson that he has shared with many of his patients since that time.

His experience with a cardiologist who initially said he wouldn’t be able to fulfill Dana’s recommendation has also prepared him to better handle similar patients since him.

Patient Analogy

In addition to the cut knuckle he uses the fractured long bone analogy to understand the stages of recovery and the need to adhere to specific principles over a given time. He also helps his patients understand posture principles explaining those injuries as a sprain.

Best Advice

Without a doubt, advice from Ron Schenk “Take MDT Part A.” If he hadn’t received that advice and followed it, Dana feels he would have gone back to an MBA program and left the profession.


The McKenzie website is something Dana uses regularly. He advises patients to find a trained therapist through the Institute’s website if they live somewhere else or if they’re going on vacation (on holiday).

Scientific Study

Donelson R, Aprill C, Medcalf R, Grant W. A prospective study of centralization of lumbar and referred pain. A predictor of symptomatic discs and annular competence. Spine 1997 May 15;22(10): 1115-22.

To see the abstract, click here.

Long A, Donelson R, Fung T. Does it matter which exercise? A randomized control trial of exercise for low back pain. Spine 2004 Dec 1;29(23):2593-602.

To see the abstract, click here.

Personal Habit that Contributes to Success

Consistency with being there for his patients and having an interest in his patients.

If you want to reach out to Dana you can find him atdanasummitpt@gmail.com Phone 1(315) 422-3912

You can also find out more about his practice athttp://www.summitptsyracuse.com