Episode 265 - Greg Lehman, part 1: Reconciling the Biomechanics

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Greg Lehman

Greg is a globally recognized physiotherapist and chiropractor.  In private practice in Toronto for more than 15 years Greg focuses on both injured runners and individuals with persistent and challenging pain cases.  Greg is a sought after lecturer and speaker and can be found throughout the world teaching other therapists his course “Reconciling Biomechanics with Pain Science”.  A framework for treating the multidimensional nature of pain and injury.  His popular e-book (more than 20,000 downloads) Recovery Strategies is a self help primer on pain, injury and rehabilitation.  This book has been used by individuals helping themselves and by therapists to help guide their management of patients.

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In episode 265 I’m driving by Greg Lehman of Toronto Ontario Canada, a physiotherapist, chiropractor, and educator. He shares his story including some influential mentors, his views on palpation, assessment and treatment, paint size and more. This week on MCF!