Episode 260 - Wayne Rath, part 2: A Research-Informed Practice


In episode 260 I'm speaking with Wayne Rath in the conclusion of our conversation. We continue our discussion about the effective principles within his injury prevention program, what his clients need, how he assesses each organization and more. This week on MCF!



Savings for Companies

Wayne goes in the details of return on investment for companies and about the most recent report where on each dollar investment, the company saved seventeen cents. He talks about their outcome assessment program, database called WellForce to determine patient response and outcomes. They use both subjective and objective components to measure outcomes, which are measured in points with 100 being the highest. What they have noticed is that, those with poor outcomes usually have a high pyschosocial component. 

Establishing Contracts

Wayne usually does not do a lot of marketing, and has customers approaching him. Though he has materials to introduce their work and blueprint to interested clients. Prior to establishing a contract with interested companies, they have a look at the company’s report for injuries, have a session to observe the workers at work and if given permission, they interview employees. The management is then given a brief and eventually a formal proposal. Once a contract is established with a company, Wayne hires a local physical therapist, preferably MDT trained who undergoes intensive training and then initiate the program. 

Preventive Strategies

Wayne talks about current awareness about group exercise and preventive measures and people being more keen on being healthy. He feels that it is a good time to augment one’s practice with preventive/wellness programs. He and Jean are also involved in developing a TED talk on “Power of Posture for a Sustainable You”. 

Industries Served

Wayne and his company serves a variety of people from different industries that vary in size and type of work. There are time when companies are not ready in the sense that people are not open and accepting to the whole idea and at such times, they do not go ahead with the contract. 

Advice on Use of Preventive Approach

The most important thing the Wayne believes is not have tunnel vision. It is important to encourage people to get back to full and normal activity and possibly to even surpass their previous activity level to improve overall health. It is important to distinguish people on their mechanical and psychosocial baselines and provide them with appropriate long term strategies for management and prevention of recurrence. Another important aspect is to have long term follow up with these patients. 

Helpful Resources

email: wayne@duffyrath.com and jean@duffyrath.com

website: http://duffyrath.com/

book: http://duffyrath.com/about/book

papers and presentations: http://duffyrath.com/physical-therapist-in-syracuse