Episode 226 - Scott Miller, part 2: Feedback Informed Treatment


In episode 226 we complete our conversation with Dr. Scott Miller. A psychotherapists and researcher with the International Center for Clinical Excellence. We talk more about what is liked with true clinical development, the Session Rating Scale and Outcome Rating Scale and more. This week on MCF!

Show Notes

Sessions Rating Scale  (SRS) and patient complaints

Scott feels that addressing lower ratings by clients on certain SRS aspects and following up with pertinent questions will make the client realize that as a clinician we are making an effort to improve. This effort from the clinician will help improve client compliance with follow up sessions.


Outcome Rating Scale (ORS)

Scott talks about the four questions that make up this scale and administering it at the first and follow up session and comparing the results to determine progress.


Patient Scenario

Scott and Jason discuss a patient with low back pain with recurring symptoms and eventual activity avoidance and the methods to address the issue from a psychotherapy point of view. He talks about alternative approaches for those patients that do not have a straightforward mechanical resolution or those whose psychosocial aspects might be affecting progress. 


Clinician Resources for Self Improvement

Scott gives a few resources for clinicians that want to engage in self improvement.

Resources can be found on his website: https://www.centerforclinicalexcellence.com/

Book titled Cycle of Excellence

His email found on his personal website: http://www.scottdmiller.com/

To learn more about Dr. Scott Miller you can go here


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And check out the Feedback Informed Treatment tool