Episode 223 - Toshal Thanawala, part 1: Making Sense of It

Toshal Thanawala PT, Dip MDT

Toshal Thanawala PT, Dip MDT

In episode 223 I'm joined by Ms. Toshal Thanawala originally from Mumbai India now in Richmond Virginia USA. She shares her personal journey and her experiencing of realizing she didn't know what she didn't know. She also gives her observations of applying MDT principles to the geriatric population. All this and more this week on MCF!

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Toshal graduated from Lokmanya Tilak Medical college, Mumbai, in 2005 with a Bachelor's in Physiotherapy, and further pursued Master's from Loma Linda University, California (graduated 2009) and doctorate program from Texas Tech University (2013). Since 2007 she has worked closely with Dr. Asha Menon (then official representative of MDT in India) organising MDT courses and spreading awareness of MDT in India.  Toshal pursued the  MDT education in India and USA and became Credentialled in MDT in 2010.  Presently she is a senior Clinical Physiotherapist at The Woodland Inc., Farmville, Virginia, USA, and works primarily with Orthopedic patients.

Show Notes


Toshal Thanawala is a physical therapist by profession and works in a rehab facility in Virginia, USA since the past 8 years. She is the sole MDT practitioner at her workplace. She graduated with her Bachelor’s in physical therapy in Mumbai, India and then pursued further education in USA. She also holds an honorary position as a founder board member of McKenzie Institute India. 


Discovery of MDT

Toshal talks about her education while in physical therapy school, her brush with MDT at her first job in a private clinic. She also talks about how it was so different from the formal education she had received and the typical physical therapy practice. 


Pursuing Diploma MDT

Toshal talks about her journey to Cert.MDT and then taking the time to plunge into the diploma program because she felt comfortable with her knowledge and skills; but later realized that there was a lot more to learn and understand about the system.

To learn more about MI India: http://www.mckenzieinstitute.org/india/en/



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