Georg Supp, PT, MT, Dip. MDT

Mr Georg Supp of Freiburg, Germany is married to Anja and father to 5 children.  He’s a full time therapist since 1992, and co-owner of PULZ a private practice rehab center. He received his diploma from the McKEnzie Institute 1999, became faculty in 2000, senior instructor, of MCK Institute Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.  He’s been a board of directors member of the IMDT Research Foundation and a member of the International Education Committee since 2011. He’s also the editor of Germany’s first journal on sports physiotherapy, SPORTPHYSIO
He is co-author of portions of two German textbooks and over the past six years, Georg has published articles, comments and letters in several German and international journals.  He has contributed to organizing international conferences, presented on many conferences and workshops.

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Show Notes

Personal Background

From Freiburg Germany, in the southern region of the country. Married to Anja and the father of 5 children.  He’s grateful for Wolfgang, his business partner and his employees and enjoys running for relaxation.

Professional Background

Nearly 25 years prior Georg remembers that his first position was pretty straight forward and he was a specialist in “scars”, as he put it, meaning he would see patients after they’d had surgery.  When his patients had scars from surgeries he knew that if they couldn’t bend there knee, he would help them bend and if they were weak he would put them through strengthening exercises.  Later he worked in a rehabilitation center.  He saw patients without “scars” but he was discouraged through that and he felt that those patients who got better did so without much influence from Georg or if they didn’t get better, well, they just wouldn’t.  He recalls his frustration and began looking into getting out of the profession because of the ineffectiveness he saw in his work.  The only difference was one of his colleagues who was more relaxed and had extra time and his patients received education materials and they would be there for shorter periods but were very happy and many would improve. 

Georg kept in touch with a classmate and eventually opened a rehab center.  After some time he pursued the diploma program in Coon Rapids, Minnesota, USA.  In Germany, he now sees a wide range of patient types and because of the poor reimbursement in the public health system he has to keep the treatment times to around 15-30 minutes. 


“We don’t offer a manual solution, we offer an intellectual solution.”

~ Robin McKenzie

Time when Struggled

Georg believes he started too early with the very chronic population and that created a frustration because of his lack of experience due to the complexities of those patient’s problems.  He believes the challenges with those patients is looking at the patient as a whole and not just separating out the back or neck but addressing every aspect.  The quote, “every chronic back pain, starts with a pain in the back.” by Gordon Waddell is important to remember.