Show Notes

Primary Strengths

The main strength for José is the reliable assessment allowing us to identify responders and non-responders. And when we identify responders our ability to promote self care is a great strength. Our confidence in handling our patients is a principle characteristics that is a great strength.

A Memorable Patient Story

The first José mentions was at “the Lodge,” Robin McKenzie’s clinic, where he witnessed the first anterior derangement he had ever seen. Another experience was with a patient soon after José had first learned of centralization who had leg pain and responded well initially and he was so excited about the potential rapid changes that he couldn’t wait and did something I can’t say I know any other therapist who has done the same.

Patient Analogy

José uses many analogies like the cut knuckle and the cast on the leg and others we’ve heard prior. Another he uses for tissue dysfunction and the disorientation of tissue fibers and that they need time to be remodeled. He explains it is sort of like a dish of spaghetti that has each strand that is crossed and inter-woven and needs motion and tension to re-arrange the strands and help align them similar to how they were in the package originally.

Best Advice

José was told by his wife that, “If you want to quit your job and start it over again, you should do it now and you have my full support.” She said this regarding his interest in changing his emphasis from cardiac rehab to musculoskeletal. This helped José have the courage to change directions toward musculoskeletal patient care.

Doing Differently Now

Education is what he’s focusing more on now and emphasis on change of lifestyle is what he believes he is more skillful in.


MDT Conferences are one resource that is very valuable to José. The second is technology and websites with research studies. José believes Mechanical Care Forum is a fantastic addition where we can gain by hearing others’ experience.

Two books; The Patient’s Brain by Fabricio Benedetti and The Innovator’s Prescription by Clayton Christensen

Studies Influencing His Practice  

A prospective study of centralization of lumbar and referred pain. A predictor of symptomatic discs and annular competence.

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Personal Habit Contributing to Success

José sees his experience in cardiac rehab as helpful. His organization and being objective contributes as well. The genuine interest he has in this field is also an important factor contributing to his success.  To reach José you can find him at:  liberato@mckenzie.org.br