Episode 186 - Mary Sheid, part 2: Taking Care of Your People

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Mary Sheid PT, OCS, Cert MDT

 In episode 186 I’m continuing with the remainder of my conversation with Ms. Mary Sheid, a multi-site private practice owner in south central Missouri USA.  She shares her thoughts on how to stand out amongst the competition, the importance of creating the highest quality service possible, the best professional advice she’s ever received and much more.  This week on MCF!


Ms. Mary Sheid received a bachelors degree from Drury College in 1982 and a bachelors in Physical Therapy from the University of Missouri in 1984.  She achieved the designation of board certified orthopedic clinical specialist (OCS) in 1993 and certified in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT) in 1998.  

She has served on the Missouri Physical Therapy Association Board of Directors, as the Missouri representative to the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy, and the Missouri Board of Healing Arts.  She has also headed efforts for the Endowed Robin McKenzie Research Grant and she has been a member and fundraising chair for the International Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy Research Foundation.  

She's the recipient of a number of awards including the McKenzie Institute International "Bronze Lady" Excellence Award in 2015.  She is the CEO and owner of Physical Therapy Specialists in West Plains, Missouri USA.