Episode 178 - Nikolai Bogduk, part 1: Testing Me

Nikolai Bogduk MD, PhD


In episode 178 I'm joined by internationally recognized expert in spinal pain and interventional diagnostics and therapies, Nikolai Bogduk. He shares his early years as a clinician and the lack of evidence at that time, his views on research and thoughts on classification. This week on MCF!


Dr. Nikolai Bogduk is a professor of Pain Medicine at the University of Newcastle and the Head of the Department of Clinical Research at the Royal Newcastle Hospital in Newcastle, Australia. He was the Director of the National Musculoskeletal Medicine Initiative in Australia(from 1997 to 2001) and is currently a member on the Executive Group of the Guidelines for Acute Musculoskeletal Pain in Australia. Dr. Bogduk is on the Editorial Board for many publications including Spine, The Spine Journal, Clinical Biomechanics, Pain Medicine and Cephalalgia.

Dr. Bogduk began researching the anatomical basis of various spinal syndromes 40 years ago (1972). He has authored 9 books on various aspects of clinical anatomy and many chapters in others books. Dr. Bogduk has been the most published author on the anatomical basis of acute and chronic whiplash pain syndrome.