Episode 133 - Mark Miller & Kevin Jones of IMC: Triage for Improved Clinical Product

Mark Miller PT, Dip MDT CCO & Kevin Jones PT, Dip MDT

In this episode, #133, I’m speaking with Mr. Mark Miller and Mr. Kevin Jones of Integrated Mechanical Care.  We talk about their company and specifically about the practice of providing triage for their patients and medical referral partners.  They share what they've learned, how it's done effectively and how it's impacted their clinical product.  This week on MCF.



Mr. Mark Miller has been a clinical practitioner for 27 years and is a widely recognized health industry pioneer, clinical educator, and concierge practitioner, focused on breakthroughs and best practices in musculoskeletal triage, health care, and self-care. His institutional clients have included market-leading corporations (such as Michelin and General Dynamics), as well as standard setters in clinical quality such as Capital Health Plan (a tier-one Accountable Care Organization [ACOs] in Florida).

Miller graduated from the University of Toronto in 1987, co-developed the McKenzie Institute International’s North American clinical residency program, serves on the faculty of the McKenzie Institute International and U.S.A., and has taught over 270 continuing education courses to physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists, and others, with emphasis in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT).  He serves as Co-Founder and Vice President of Clinical Operations for Integrated Mechanical Care, Inc. (IMC), a global leader in musculoskeletal outcomes optimization.

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