Episode 128 - Susan Bamberger, part 1: Service-Minded and Giving Back

Susan Bamberger PT, Dip MDT


Ms. Susan Bamberger received a Masters in Physical Therapy from the College of Saint Scholastica in 1999. She started her career by pursuing many different approaches for managing orthopedic conditions and by 2002 she started to focus her career on the matching the right treatment for each patient through Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT). In 2004 Susan received her certification in MDT, and in 2009 she received her Diploma in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy. She assists with MDT classes around the country and mentors other physical therapists in advanced clinical decision-making. She is also involved in development projects through the institute through the MDT Diploma Steering committee, which has been working to mobilize MDT Diplomates throughout the US. 

Show Notes to come...