Episode 120 - Case Conversations with José Liberato Jr.

José Liberato Jr. PT Dip MDT

In episode 120 we take a bit of a turn from the pattern and share a case from Case Conversations, my online audio resource, where expert clinicians talk through an actual patient to discuss what else they'd investigate in the history-taking, how they'd conduct the exam and where they would go next in follow-up visits.  It's a full case, uncut and in it's entirety.

Episode 120- Case Conversation with Jose Liberato Jr.

This week we take a foray into my other podcast resource, Case Conversations. Case Conversations was conceived out of a desire to provide like-minded clinicians with a case-study resource to help guide the clinical reasoning process. These cases are presented to expert clinicians, who break down patient history and physical examination findings, and offer insights and advice for these actual patient scenarios. 


In our first episode of Case Conversations recorded in 2015, Jose Liberato Jr and I discuss a patient with a very interesting presentation. He is a 76 year old male with a significant cardiac history whose chief complaint is intermittent right lower leg pain. With Jose’s prior background in cardiac rehab, he is able to offer some excellent insights into differential diagnosis between leg pain of cardiovascular vs neurogenic origin. He also reminds listeners of the importance of clarifying symptomatic and mechanical responses, assessing and reassessing baselines, and provides so many other pearls of wisdom regarding this patient.


I hope you enjoy listening to this case-study, and encourage you to subscribe to Case Conversations to hear more considerations and clinical pearls from expert clinicians in the world of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy.