Case #72 - Ryan Tauzell

CC 72 Constant Shoulder Pain.png
CC 72 Constant Shoulder Pain.png

Case #72 - Ryan Tauzell


In case 72 Mr. Ryan Tauzell shares a memorable patient, a 67 year old male, a truck driver with constant right shoulder pain.  You’ll hear how Ryan has standardizes several aspects of his care including how he educates his patients, how he works with his physical therapist assistant, his method of clearing the spine and more.  You’re sure to gain from Ryan’s observations and now new patterns of assessment to improve your care.  (1 hr, 16min 12 sec)

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Many clinical pearls from Ryan in this case which you can use right away in the clinic including:

  • keys for proper neurodynamic testing to pick up on neural tension in the upper extremity

  • a direction of movement to be sure to test for the shoulder which is fairly commonly found as a directional preference

  • a great analogy to inform patients that the direction which provides the first step of improvement isn’t always the direction which will get them to full recovery

  • 3 reasons why the function recovery phase must be performed and not skipped

  • and, the lesson Ryan learned with this patient about the cervical spine which he now uses as a rule with all upper extremity patients

This case will give you superb additional insights for your neck and upper extremity patients.