Case # 69 - Steven Heffner

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case 69 cover.png

Case # 69 - Steven Heffner


In case #69 I'm joined by Dr. Steven Heffner presenting a case from a recent McKenzie Part A course he taught. A 23 year old female with unilateral back pain and lateral leg pain. He gives insight after insight and some great guidance related to lateral components and following the system ultimately to a successful patient response. (1hr, 17min, 1sec)

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Steve gives a number of further explanation on topics such as:

  • how to begin thinking through and ruling out one classification then another

  • common ways the patient describes their symptoms that tends to be characteristic of one mechanical diagnosis versus another

  • how he goes about testing tension in the lower extremity and how he tests strength manually

  • a subtle addition he adds to look for relevant lateral lumbar components

  • 3 triggers that indicate you’ll likely have to go lateral for the reductive load, and

  • his typical progression of testing various lateral loading strategies