Case 64 - Linnet Kazemi

Case 64 cover.png
Case 64 cover.png

Case 64 - Linnet Kazemi


In case #64 I'm joined by Dr. Linnet Kazemi of Atlanta, GA USA. She shares a recent patient with a less common mechanical classification. She gives some great insights related to identifying the location of origin of her patient's pain and the mechanical diagnosis. This patient case discussion offers good clinical reasoning to ultimately realize a positive outcome and a resolution of this patient's problem. (52min, 23 sec)

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A few specific clinical pearls you’ll walk away with from this case;

  • the question Linnet asks herself which has been a real help in accurately classifying

  • why it’s sometimes important to spend a little time in trying to uncover the mechanism of original onset with the patient

  • an update of more recent nomenclature of one classifications within the MDT system

  • management tips on this less common classification

  • how Linnet modifies her response and prescription when the patient describes more intense spikes recently in their history, and

  • how Linnet addresses posture correction when the patient’s directional preference isn’t extension