Mechanical Care Everywhere is a collaborative, humanitarian effort aimed at providing quality MDT care to underserved areas around the world. With its emphasis on self care, MDT is an optimal approach for those with limited resources and burdened with musculoskeletal disorders.



You can support this effort and those who offer their time and effort to those less-fortunate by making a donation.  When you do, you'll be placed at the top of the list to be invited on future trips.



The Structure

Short term clinics will be established in targeted underserved areas throughout the world to provide one week campaigns staffed by MDT-trained clinicians and, when available, accompanied by physicians, nurses and other support staff. Initially, our plan for the clinic organization would include providers trained in MDT to be the primary care givers and they would see patients twice in the course of the week long clinic, with one evaluation, and one follow up appointment later in the week. Patients needing to be referred on will be managed with medical and nursing staff. Patients needing further care would be appropriately referred and, when possible at a later date, could be seen at a subsequent campaign.



Mechanical Care Everywhere seeks to establish or partner with recurring clinics in these areas, as necessary resources and opportunities are obtained, with the goal of creating sustainable programs. By using MDT clinicians as the primary practitioners, reliability in assessment and follow through will be expected. Processes and structures will be set up to ensure continuity of care as needed for these communities.



Mechanical Care Everywhere is looking for MDT clinicians interested in donating their skills in an underserved area for one week assignments. Therapists who are credentialed or diplomaed in MDT are invited to apply to participate. Those who have completed Part A-D and are registered for the credentialing examination may also be considered. All MDT therapists will work in teams of two initially, with one more experienced MDT therapist working with a less experienced therapist. This structure will help to ensure reliability and consistency of care.


The Goal

This global outreach effort has, at its core, the goal of delivering good-will assessment and treatment to those less-fortunate in underserved locations around the world. In doing so, it is hoped that this type of care-delivery will demonstrate the utility of MDT within short-term mission setting and with minimal needs and technology to conduct.