Case 75 - Christie Downing

Case 75 Foot and Leg Pain.png
Case 75 Foot and Leg Pain.png

Case 75 - Christie Downing


In case 75 I'm joined by Ms. Christie Downing of Chicago, IL USA. She presents a challenging patient with foot and lower leg pain as a result of a crush injury.  Christie utilizes a combination of Pain Mechanism Classification System and Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy to accurately diagnose and apply the appropriate and effective education and active care.  Discussion on Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, motor autonomic classification, neurodynamic testing and treatment are just some of the highlights this patient needed for a successful outcome in an otherwise commonly tragic chronic end result.  (1hr 5 min 7 sec)

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My Guest Expert:

Christie Downing of Chicago IL USA obtained her Bachelor's degree in Physical Therapy from Northern Illinois University in 2000 and a transitional DPT from Creighton University in 2005.  She became certified in MDT in 2008 and completed her Diploma in MDT in 2009.  She is also an APTA-board certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist and is certified in lymphedema management.  For the last 18 years she has worked for AMITA-Alexian Brothers as a clinician with most of her experience in the outpatient setting with an emphasis on spinal care, orthopedics, emergency department and cancer and lymphedema rehabilitation. She is a former adjunct instructor at Northern Illinois University in the Physical Therapy program.  

In this case you’ll hear specific discussion on:

  • characteristics of centrally dominate pain

  • criteria indicating Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)

  • how to address significant fear and unwillingness to move

  • 2-point discrimination testing related to motor autonomic subgroup

  • localization and other sensorimotor testing, and

  • neuromotor testing