Episode 274- Grant "Wattie" Watson, part 1: Involve Me and I Will Understand (Rebroadcast)

In episode 274 I’m re-airing my interview from 2014 with Grant “Wattie” Watson. He shares his professional journey, what he’s learned from the vast experience of teaching MDT across the globe, a great quote which illustrates what we do and more. This week on MCF!

Episode 269 - Kristi Maguire, part 1: Making Sense of Things

In episode 269 I’m joined in part one by Ms. Kristi Maguire. She’s a diplomat in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy, an instructor for the McKenzie Institute USA and a practicing therapist and mentor for Integrated Musculoskeletal Care.  She shares her story, some of her thoughts on pursuing mechanical assessment training and more.  This week on MCF!

Episode 232 - Mark Miller, part 2: Data-Enabled, Real-Time Mentoring

In episode 232 we continue our conversation with Mr. Mark Miller, president and chief clinical officer of integrated musculoskeletal care. Mark shares more of his views on methods and systems needed to guarantee an outcome and how he and his team at IMC have you achieved much of their success through a comprehensive mentoring program. Mark also shares some exciting opportunities with their organization for devoted clinicians trained in MDT. This week on MCF!