Episode 232 - Mark Miller, part 2: Data-Enabled, Real-Time Mentoring

In episode 232 we continue our conversation with Mr. Mark Miller, president and chief clinical officer of integrated musculoskeletal care. Mark shares more of his views on methods and systems needed to guarantee an outcome and how he and his team at IMC have you achieved much of their success through a comprehensive mentoring program. Mark also shares some exciting opportunities with their organization for devoted clinicians trained in MDT. This week on MCF!

Episode 231 - Mark Miller, part 1: A Team Selling An Outcome

In episode 231 I’m joined in part one by Mr. Mark Miller of Integrated Musculoskeletal Care. Mark shares his experience of developing an outcome delivery care model through standardization and quality assurance.  He explains the prior failures and what has been the difference to realize true success especially through a comprehensive mentoring program. This week on MCF!

Episode 230 - Shirley Sahrmann, part 2: A System of Systems

In episode 230, join us for part two with Dr. Shirley Sahrmann. She and her colleagues have developed the movement system impairment syndrome approach. She’s been a leader and advocates for physical therapy over the last 60+ Years. She shares her thoughts on comparison and contrast of her approach with others including MDT. She also shares advice for us to promote ourselves and our profession and more. This week on MCF!

Episode 229 - Shirley Sahrmann, part 1: Stopping the Cause

In episode 229 I’m joined by Dr Shirley Sahrmann. She’s a physical therapist of more than 60 years. Along with her colleagues, she’s developed the Movement System Impairment Syndrome method. She shares some of their professional journeys, her views on physical therapy and even her opinion of the contrasts of her system versus others, including MDT. This week on MCF!

Episode 228 - MCE Peru 2018, part 2

Episode 228 - MCE Peru 2018, part 2

In episode 228 we conclude our recap of the 2018 Mechanical Care Everywhere Peru humanitarian effort.  Joined by Lynn Grimm, Sharon Finkelbrand, Fiona MacKenzie, Lee Poston and Vikas Agarwal we talk about dealing with translation, preparing for and delivering workshop presentations, memorable patients, after hours fun and enjoying the beauty of the sacred valley and Machu Picchu/  This week on MCF!

Episode 227 - MCE Peru 2018, part 1

Episode 227 - MCE Peru 2018, part 1

In episode 227 it's part one of highlights of the 2018 Mechanical Care Everywhere humanitarian effort - Georg Supp, Susan Bamberger, Amy Fletcher, Nathan Miller and Clay Case share their experience of conducting an introductory workshop to local clinicians there in Cusco Peru and offering a free clinic to the underprivileged. We talk about the experience and brainstorm on future plans. This week on MCF!