Episode 89 - Rugpoli: Multidisciplinary Care Centered Around MDT

Dr. Michiel Schepers is a founding partner of Rugpoli, a conservative and minimally invasive spine center.  He is also a member of the International Spine Intervention Spociety and European faculty within SIS. 

Hans van Helvoirt is a physiotherapist and has been practicing MDT for a total of about 22 years and has achieved the diplomat of MDT and has been teaching within the institute for much of that time. 

Dr. Frank van der Vet was originally a primary care physician and has since joined Rugpoli delivering interventional care within this multidisciplinary setting.

Henk Templeman, a physiotherapist and MDT faculty in the Netherlands, previously owned his own clinic before joining Rugpoli about 7 years ago. 

Show Notes

History and Clinical Model of Rugpoli

Michiel Schepers shares a bit about what prompted his interest in establishing a spine center and further about his early exposure to the McKenzie Method of MDT. He explains how the MDT assessment contributes to directing the patient care.

Practice Principles in this Multidisciplinary Clinic

Frank and Hans elaborate about what they've learned by practicing within a clinic where each provider contributes to achieving a good patient outcome.  They also mention some criticism related to advanced imaging they've received.  

Specific Patient Management, Research

Henk and Hans elaborate on the keys to some specific subgroups of patients, some of the necessities of all providers being willing to consider others' impression, the effects that producing research has had on the perception of other clinicians and the general public.  Michiel and Hans also explain the timeline of a typical patient and how that impacts care and satisfies patients.  

To learn a little more about Rugpoli you'll find their site at: 


And you can find their study which Hans van Helvoirt took the principle investigator role on here: