EPISODE 28 - Brian Mulligan, part 1: Chance Discoveries and Influence from Other “Fathers” of Manual Therapy

Brian Mulligan FNZSP(Hon), Diploma MT, CMP, MCTA

Show Notes


Personal Background

  The most important person in Brian’s life is his wife, Dawn, to which he’s been married for 57 years.  He attributed much of his success to the support from his wife.  He enjoys golf, playing piano (only for his wife), playing bridge and spending time with his family.

Professional Background

Chance has played a big part throughout his carer.  Although he aspired to enter the military and become a soldier he failed the eye sight test and was prohibited.  He went to work for a chemical company and had a chance conversation with a coworker who was leaving the company to pursue physiotherapy. Brian, after learning of other mentors that excited him, decided to do similarly not long after.  In physiotherapy school, he followed the thought at the time which was heavily focused on modalities and electrotherapy.  Brian elaborates more about his interactions and time spent with Freddie Kaltenborn, Geoffrey Maitland, Robin McKenzie and others.  He also gives more thoughts on misconceptions and areas where we as conservative care clinicians may be missing the mark.

Brian gives the account of one of his early discoveries of rapid changes and mobilization with movement; the patient that began his learning of this new concept.  It was a young lady, an athlete, who had a swollen and painful and stiff finger.  He gives the account and the significant response of this chance discovery.

A Meaning Quote

“In the field of discovery, chance only favours the prepared mind”Louis Pasteur