Episode 26 - Ted Dreisinger, part 1: Exercise Physiologist, Specialist in Spine Shares Takeaways from Career’s Experience

Thomas E. (Ted) Dreisinger, PhD

Exercise Physiologist
CEO of Therapy Advisors


Show Notes

Personal Background:

Canadian born but grew up in Ohio. Influenced by family and especially his mother. He found direction from spiritual communities, coaches, the military, and a radio announcer.


Professional Background:

Ted trained as an exercise physiologist, completing his PhD taught exercise physiology and kinesiology. He worked in cardiac rehab and was asked to help open a spine center. He was introduced to Arthur Jones, the developer of Nautilus equipment, the second most influential person in his life. He was exposed to an early measuring system for spine patients. Another mentor, Vert Mooney, also guided Ted along the way professionally and became a close personal friend.

He also met Robin McKenzie at a conference in Boston and actually, he and other exercise physiologists, were taught by Robin in the 1980’s.

Garth Russell, Arthur Jones, Vert Mooney and Robin McKenzie all shaped his professional journey.  The characteristic he sees separating those tremendously influential people to other less impactful is summarized in the phrase “Why not” and the fact that they had curiosity wondering what’s around the corner.

Being an exercise physiologist, working in cardiac rehab where everything is measured, and having no history working with musculoskeletal patients prior Ted feels that he has a different angle from many physical therapists as he hasn’t had to be reprogrammed into measuring patient status or progress or outcomes.



“You are not a patient in this practice, but a member of the healthcare team.”


Chalenges and Obstacles:

Finding measurements that people can agree on. Find something simple and somewhere to start. Do something to that patient and then measure to see if there is a change.



Simply put, our strengths lie in the fact that we’re the only ones who do functional testing and measure it.  Particularly, measuring it through research.
Ted mentions the International MDT Research Foundation as a group who has funded a large amount of research and encourages any who can to contribute because the money given is producing research that will return to our purpose and help our position.


Dr. Dreisinger may be contacted at tdreisinger@therapyadvisors.com