Episode 6 - Audrey Long, part 2: Clinical Patience and Persistence


Patient Stories:

Audrey reflects on a memorable patient that had no signs of red flags and how her presentation led her to encourage further work-up as it appeared something wasn’t right.  Audrey’s thorough assessment impressed the patient enough to encourage her to return in spite of not getting better but because she listened and pursued an answer.


Patient Education Analogies:

She offers several analogies to help patients understand their condition.

She explains the cut knuckle, the cake of soap, a stuck zipper, a joint “locked up” and a thief trying to crack a locked safe.  Another is the weedy and poorly kept lawn to illustrate tendonosis or degenerative tissue.


Best Advice:

The best piece of advice she’s received is from Robin McKenzie – “Remember, we are here for the patient”



Best resources she wouldn’t do without is a pain science special interest group in Canada.  The other resource are similarly-minded coworkers with which she can discuss cases.


Impactful Studies:

A study that has been encouraging to her was the Danish study with principle investigator Rasmussen, C showing reduction of spine surgery when MDT was included in the interdisciplinary care.

Another included a case study on functional MRI with lead author of Karen Hedberg.  To Audrey, it’s interesting to consider the image findings may line up with image findings when different images were performed in different postures. 


Personal Habit Contributing to Her Success:

Her personal characteristic of patience has developed into persistence which she feels aids in not being in a rush to “fix” her clients.

You can reach Audrey at: longma@telusplanet.net