Episode 180 - Kevin Spratt, part 1: A-D-T-O Model

Kevin F. Spratt, Ph.D.

Kevin F. Spratt, Ph.D.


In episode 180 I’m joined by Professor Kevin Spratt, an award winning researcher and research statistician.   He shares some of his journey, the basics on proper scientific methods through his proposed A-D-T-O model, and more.  This week on MCF!


Kevin Spratt, Ph.D., an eminent spine researcher at Dartmouth Medical Center in New Hampshire, wrote in 2003 about a research strategy intended to identify and validate subgroups.

He referred to his paradigm as the "A-D-T-O" research model. A-D-T-O stands for Assessment - Diagnosis - Treatment - Outcome. Just as A-D-T-O represents the conventional order of clinical care of individual patients, Spratt wrote that it should also be the order for investigating and identifying the best treatments for clinical subgroups. He points out that these four A-D-T-O pillars are connected by three research links. 

He received a Bachelors in Mathematics and psychology in 1974, a masters in educational psychology in 1981 and a PhD in quantitative foundations in 1987.  He is an adjunct research faculty at the Dartmouth Hitchcock medical center.  He’s been a statistical and research consultant for a number of organizations and he’s presented and delivered keynote presentations at a number of international conferences.  He was the 2002 recipient of a Volvo award for outstanding research and he’s been involved in over 100 published studies and 6 texts.