Episode 155 - Tracy Jackson, part 2: The Skills to Move Again

Tracy Jackson MD

In episode 155 I conclude my conversation with Dr. Tracy Jackson of Vanderbilt University in Nashville Tennessee USA. She's a pain management physician working toward healthier and more effective solutions for those in chronic pain. She hopes to reduce the prevalence of those caught in the current opioid dilemma. We discuss the association of use of illegal drugs to replace more costly prescription medication, a helpful source for systematic reviews on this subject and others and Relief Retreats, a functional rehab program she is founded. 


Dr. Tracy Jackson completed medical training at the University of North Carolina and following, a surgical internship and an anesthesiology residency at UNC as well, where she served as chief resident. After a brief stint doing anesthesia in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, she decided that treating pain was her calling, and went to Stanford to complete a fellowship in chronic pain management.   Currently she’s an associate professor of anesthesiology and pain medicine at Vanderbilt University and created and directed their pain fellowship training program and served as associate medical director of the outpatient pain clinics.  she has additional certification in medical acupuncture and yoga, and works closely with the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine at Vanderbilt, to better understand and study “alternative” methods to deal with chronic pain.  She is the founder of a functional rehabilitation program called Relief Retreats which can be found at reliefretreats.com

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