Episode 152 - Iwasada Yoshihiro, part 1: Starting from Scratch

Iwasada Yoshihiro MDT

In episode 152 I speak with Mr. Iwasada Yoshihiro of Tokorozawa, Japan. He shares some of his professional journey including the challenge of adopting a better, but nontraditional approach to patient assessment and the task of teaching it to others in his home country. He also describes his evolution of performing just what the referring doctor prescribes to relying on the patient's response to guide the most effective treatment.  

Mr. Iwasada Yoshihiro, of Tokorozawa, Japan graduated from Tokyo Hospital Rehabilitation School in 1994 and Georgia State University in 1999. He was first introduced to the McKenzie Method of MDT in 1998 when he attended Part A in the USA. He became credentialed in Mech Dx and Therapy in 2001 and attained his Diploma in MDT in 2005. He was an instrumental leader in establishing the Japanese branch of the McKenzie Institute International in 2008 and was promoted to senior instructor in 2014. He currently is the only instructor from Japan and is active in both treating patients and teaching MDT to clinicians

Show Notes to come...