Episode 146 - Gary Dykes, part 1: Doing Things Different

Gary Dykes PT, Dip MDT

In episode 146 I speak to Mr. Gary Dykes of Athens, Georgia USA.  He teaches continuing education course for the McKenzie Institute and is a full time clinician in a pain management clinic.  He shares his experience in private practice, the challenges and successes with the persistent pain population and collaborating with other disciplines.  All that and more, this week on MCF!


Mr. Gary Dykes graduated from The Medical College of Georgia in 1996 with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy. He completed his residency program with The McKenzie Institute through Austin, Tx and recieved his Diploma in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy in 2003 and has been on the MIUSA faculty since 2007. He currently resides in Athens, GA and works for Ancora Spine Recovery.

Show Notes




Gary Dykes, a faculty member of the McKenzie Institute USA,  shares a bit about his personal and professional life, his educational background, and the series of events that led to his discovery of the McKenzie Method. Gary’s frustrations with his own lack of understanding of musculoskeletal issues led him to taking his first MDT course, and he talks about how luck led him to where he is now. 


Current Endeavors

Gary talks about his previous experiences, including the challenges seen in private practice and what led him to his current endeavors in the realm of pain management. He speaks about the dynamic and growth of his current workplace, and how the gradual education of the physicians has led to a very positive team atmosphere.


Gary talks about experiences with patients and how their influence can lead to a great rapport with physicians, as well as getting the care team interested in what is being done. He speaks about how communication is key between disciplines.



Gary talks about the perception of pain management physicians, and how these doctors can be just as frustrated about the care of the patient as we are. He talks about how being involved in the team atmosphere has led to a greater appreciation of what these clinicians do, and how providing them with an alternative solution can lead to great results and alliances.


Successes and Frustrations

He speaks about the excitement of private practice, but talks about the reality of the lifestyle and the challenges it presented. He gives some tips on growing a successful practice, most importantly marketing how you are different from the other practices in the area, and be ready to take advantage of opportunities as they arise.