Episode 139 - Brian Klepper, part 2: From Volume to Value

Brian Klepper PhD


In episode 139 we conclude our conversation with Dr. Brian Klepper.  He offers more insights of the problems of high cost and low quality and offers 6 questions any reputable organization or service should be able to answer for the coming shift from volume to value.  This week on MCF!


Dr. Brian Klepper is a healthcare analyst and commentator. He has provided health care commentary to CBS Evening News, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and the Washington Post. He’s an author, keynote speaker and consultant.  He’s the president of Health Value Direct and the former CEO of the National Business Coalition on Health.  


Show Notes


High Performance Healthcare

Brian talks about an MDT based group in Tallahassee, FL who are “doing it right” with regards to muskuloskeletal care. He reports how the reduction in healthcare costs and improvements in outcomes impress him, and how he is seeking out other companies who are doing the same. He goes on to talk about the personality traits of the leaders in these areas.


How Do We Vet These Groups

Brian talks about the process and explains they must be able to answer 6 questions.

  1. Can you describe what you do in a concise way?  (Like an elevator speech.)
  2. Do you have longitudinal data? And show me your calculations.
  3. Do you have client testimonials?
  4. Can you scale?
  5. Are you results enduring?
  6. Are you willing to put your fees at financial risk against your performance targets?


United States vs Others

Brian talks about the lower quality of care in the U.S. versus other first world countries. He talks about some solutions, and a group in the Cayman Islands who delivering efficient, quality care and are making waves in the healthcare world. He talks about the financial issues and influences that are contributing to the current healthcare climate. 


Small Clinics and Individual Practitioners

Brian gives some advice to small clinics and individual clinicians in order to set them up for success in the future as the healthcare climate changes. 

He also talks about some of the “longitudinal data” practices spoken about earlier in the podcast. 


Reaching Brian

To learn more about Brian Klepper and read his thoughts, check out these resources: