Episode 1 - Mark Werneke: Collecting Outcomes and Processing Data

Mr. Mark Werneke
CentraState Medical Center
Freehold, NJ


Show Notes

Most influenced by:
Robin McKenzie and his lumbar spine text - buy here
Gordon Waddell and his text The Back Pain Revolution - buy here

"Help patients help themselves"
"Learn the skills of coaching patients rather than 'fixing' patients"

Greatest challenge to us as mechanical clinicians is:
containing healthcare costs and educating our patients on effective and efficient care

Our primary strength in our current healthcare system:
Centralization and Directional Preference and our ability to elicit them.  Also to reassure patients and gain their trust because of our ability.

Patient Story insights:
Patients frequently are amazed at the thoroughness of the assessment and the quick ability to see improvements or conclude they need to be worked out of the system as they are not a good candidate

Clinical analogy to help things "click" for patients:
Teach patients to brush their back like they brush their teeth.  Posture and movement programs and strategies, used properly can prevent recurrence like teeth brushing can prevent cavities.

Best piece of advice:
from his long-term friend and colleague, Dennis Hart "In God we trust, everyone else bring data"

Good resources he just wouldn't do without:
1) clinical data and outcomes that are risk-adjusted because of their ability to guide patient management and treatment
2) library - read journals (APTA journal, McKenzie references)

Personal habit contributing to success:
perseverance and balanced lifestyle with physical and intellectual interests

Advice to listeners:
education, education, education - get involved in collecting data to manage patients

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