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I hope you're as excited upon completing Part A as I was! 

I remember just a couple years ago when I took part A (ok, it was actually almost 15 years ago) and how I looked forward to getting back in the clinic on Monday morning to put the principles I learned into practice and hopefully see some of my patients make some dramatic turns for the better.  I did have some great responses but not with all of my patients and, as time went on, I remember feeling my performance get a little sloppy at times.  I even worked with a diplomat and a certified therapist and another who was taking the courses along with me.  But, you know how it is - often times,  everyone has just enough time to keep up with their patients and finish their paperwork and by that time we're all just ready to get home.    

I remember thinking how easy Robert Medcalf made it look to accurately classify and elicit rapid changes for his patients.  So while each patient showed good initial response and everything seemed to fall in place for him as he assessed and instructed them I thought, "Yeah but what do I do when the patient comes back 1 week later and their progress stalled or, even worse, they're having more pain and their exercise isn't relieving it?"

The more I've produced these cases and spent time discussing patient case after patient case, the more I'm convinced that having more interaction with experienced clinicians is a crucial key in experiencing real and timely clinical growth. 

So, as way to celebrate your achievement please enjoy this lumbar case on me! 

Greg Silva gives a number of great insights, suggestions and even constructive criticisms on how I conducted the assessment.  He gives some clarification on topics like getting to end-range and even on whether we should stop with the movement when we see a positive response or keep going with more reps or more force to learn the response.  With case #27 you'll get some great takeaways which you'll be sure to benefit from and you'll get a glimpse of the potential benefit from having regular exposure to some advanced clinicians and how it may help you along your journey.

Or feel free to head right over and check out any of the podcast episodes!  With more than 200 shows there’s plenty from which to choose.


With Case Conversations, each month you'll receive actual patient cases which are presented to veteran clinicians.  They'll dissect the history and physical exam findings and then give their advice and offer considerations for similar patient situations.

Sharpen your history-taking.  See your confidence increase. Improve your outcomes.  

These cases are presented to you to provide additional exposure to musculoskeletal patient care discussion.

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