Attention MDT Clinicians…

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Exposure to Experts

One of the more common challenges I hear from so many I’ve been connected with through the podcast has been finding time to connect with and have meaningful clinical discussions with like-minded peers. I experienced the same challenge for so long, so I decided to see if I could do something about it. I began presenting my own patients to veteran therapists on the podcast and ask how they would handle the patient or what they would ask and how I might have missed the mark. It then developed into the experts sharing their own patients and now, more recently, subscribers presenting a patient they’re struggling with to my guest expert as I moderate. This has led to a lot of great clinical pearls and insights into how some of the best mechanically-trained minds sort out tough patients. I’ve seen clear, benefits with my own patients and I’ve heard a lot of positive comments that subscribers are experiencing a lot of help with their patients as well!

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Try before you buy

At the Diplomat-Faculty Symposium, August 2019 in Miami I offered a free case to attendees just so they could have a listen to a case but I realized that due to the fast pace of the weekend not many were able to access it and I also got to thinking that many diplomats weren’t able to attend the symposium. And, since then I’ve thought, ‘a free case shouldn’t be limited to just diplomats.’ Because of those reasons, and because I’m convinced that there is so much potential for us all to gain from our mentors (including some of you) through structured patient case discussion, I wanted to allow you to have a listen to a case and see if it’s something that you (or your staff [if you’re a director or owner of a clinic]) would benefit from. So, please enjoy this case (for your personal use) and let me know your thoughts and if you gained from this resource. I offer individual subscriptions and corporate subscriptions too.

Enjoy, and I only ask you share your thoughts in return!